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At Rainbow Childcare Centre we have identified that a child’s development depends on their ability to learn and grasp new concepts, within a safe and family friendly environment.

Our family owned and operated business was established in 2005 as we observed that families were looking for an educational experience for their children than merely a childcare.

As owners we took 10 years of experience in the industry and developed a purpose built centre, and combined it with a set of experienced and qualified staff.

At Rainbow Childcare we created an environment whereby children, their families and the Rainbow Childcare team can grow together.

Rainbow Childcare places a great deal of emphasis on following core values:


Rainbow Childcare is a place of learning, with an active curriculum and a learning program whereby children develop key skills before heading off to school and achieving great things.


The services provided are for the community and we acknowledge the importance of the community in our decision making process. From our parents, staff and other stakeholders we value the input we obtain from them and hope to support their needs.

Multicultural Focus

Australia has been blessed with the unique cultural diversity evident across the country. With respect to this diversity we strive to tailor our service to meet the individual needs of children and their families.