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Rainbow Childcare Centre Statement of Philosophy

At Rainbow Childcare Centre, we believe that the Early Years are highly important in ensuring that children develop the social skills, independence and positive ways of learning to develop their individuality and self character to give them the best opportunities to become successful, lifelong learners. We are a multicultural centre and are respectful and accepting of the diversity of our staff and families. Our Families are 0 always Welcome to the centre

Educational Program and Practice

  • Our Program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework(EYLF) using learning outcomes and goals for children to achieve their full potential.
  • Learning is made possible through play and educators build on /scaffold children’s learning by carefully assessing children’s abilities.
  • Children explore, learn and develop essential skills and processes through participating in play at their own pace. Educators facilitate play based learning environments that are accessible to all children and are reflective of the children’s interests.
  • The programming and pedagogy is reflective of children’s needs, abilities and interests which is fundamentally linked to the Early Years Learning Framework.

Children’s Health and Safety

  • The daily menu is based on children’s nutritional needs and reflects individual dietary, cultural and religious requirements.
  • We believe children have the right to feel safe at all times, therefore we actively protect and promote their privacy, dignity, safety and wellbeing.
  • We believe in getting the children physically active each day and in promoting healthy lifestyle choices, such as choosing water to drink and reducing children’s usage of electronical devices and television. We are there fore active members of the MUNCH&MOVE Program.

Physical Environment

Children have the opportunity to engage with the natural environment to become environmental stewards through sustainable practices embedded within programming and routines.

Staffing Arrangements

  • Educators are always working towards ensuring the environment feels safe and homely. Children attend the centre for long hours and it is essential that they feel nurtured, loved and cared for at all times.
  • We believe in providing the children with a high quality learning environment, therefore our staff are attentive and aware of each child’s individual needs.

Relationships with Children

  • Mutually respectful relationships based on support, security and safety are essential in establishing positive learning environments where children have the confidence to interact, explore and investigate.
  • Children’s voice is always heard. When children are expressing ideas, opinions or needs, educators will listen and value what they say.

Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

  • Development of collaborative partnerships between parents, educators, management, children and the wider community is essential in developing children’s sense of belonging, community participation and social responsibility. Educators always make time to interact with parents and children as these relationships are the foundation for a positive environment.
  • We believe that Family input is vital to delivering quality care for the children in our care.
  • Information about children’s learning is available and accessible to the parents, allowing them to be aware of and involved in their child’s learning and development.

Leadership and service management

  • Educators and management work collaboratively to ensure skills and practices are current and the needs of children are met to the best possible standard.
  • Staff commit to ongoing reflective practice to enhance and improve programming and pedagogy. Staff participate in regular in services, staff and room meetings to ensure that their knowledge and understandings are current and that they are applying best practice holistically.